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CTIS kat1

Verfasst: Do 18. Jun 2020, 09:41
von Roland 2
Hello again everybody!
This is probably something that has been talked about before but I'm struggling to find the subject, I want to have the ability to inflate and deflate all my tyres at the same time, with a pressure regulator that can be set to whatever I need at the time, I can get 4 outlet manifolds so I can run individual hoses to each wheel but my problem is the operating temperature of the regulator, does anyone know of one that works at -40c? Second to this, where would be the vest place to splice into the air supply? I was thinking right at the compressor so it doesn't interfere with the rest of the air system...
I always appreciate everyone ideas and comments so please don't be shy!
Thanks Roland

Re: CTIS kat1

Verfasst: Mi 8. Jul 2020, 00:43
von Yvan
I think if you bend a piece of inox steel air pipe around the exhaust pipe and use this before the regulator maybe it helps. Or maybe if you use electric heating cable and wrap the regulator in insulation.

Re: CTIS kat1

Verfasst: Mi 8. Jul 2020, 01:27
von Yvan
I have a 6x6 A1.1
I think the modern Man and Mercedes they can have original ctis what you can set from inside the cabin on there hub reduction axles, if you will puy the money!))
Maybe someone know, and except maybe the expensive cost, is it possible to afterbuild this automatic ctis on the a1.1 or a Kat1?
Has someone tryed or did this on his truck?
And you can buy the parts or you must drill yourself that hole true your axle and make the valves and seals by yourself to seal it in your differential?
I saw this a lot on the Russian trucks like Ural but never saw this in real on a hub axle.
Has someone technical drawings from this or how to do?
Even with a drawing from a Kat1 axle without ctis i am very happy!))
So i can have a idea how this is really working before i put effort in this idea!

Re: CTIS kat1

Verfasst: Mi 8. Jul 2020, 06:59
von simon
Hi guys,

This topic has already been discussed here: ... source=app

And also in 2016 (see link in second post of above). The word you should be looking for is "Reifendruckregelanlage".

Best regards

Edit: For drawings try to get the workshop manuals for the AL-7 (front) and HL-7 (rear) axle. Doesn't need to be MAN, Mercedes also produced this axles.

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