freitragend- cantilevered

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freitragend- cantilevered

Beitrag von reeharpeur » Di 29. Dez 2020, 12:09

hallo alle zusammen,

ich suche die beschreibung des "man kat 1" in 4x4,
order der maximale hintere Überhang des 4x4.
oder die maximal mögliche Abmessung der Tischplatte mit dem Ausleger? :think:

Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe

hello everyone, I am looking for the description of the "man kat 1" in 4x4, or the maximum rear overhang of the 4x4.
or the Maximum possible dimension of the table top with the cantilever :think:

Thank you for your help


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Re: freitragend- cantilevered

Beitrag von egn » Do 31. Dez 2020, 08:37

As far as I am remember the maximum allowed rear overhang of a truck is defined by the installation guide of the manufacturer. As we don't have the installation guide we can only look at other trucks.

The maximum allowed rear overhang is typically not more than 50 % of the wheel base from first to last axle. As the wheel base of the 4x4 is 4.500 mm the maximum rear overhang would be 2.250 mm.

For off-road use the rear overhang should be much shorter to keep a high enough departure angle. And drivability is also much better, if there is not that much weight behind the last axle.
Gruß Emil