Oil temp lamp wsk on in Kat A1

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Oil temp lamp wsk on in Kat A1

Beitrag von Wouter » So 7. Apr 2019, 17:19


When driving on the highway with our Kat A1 from 1990, the light on the dash in the right upper corner lights up and we hear a buzzer noise...

We think it is the light for the temp of the wsk...

But the tubes and cooler are cold.

Sensor problem or something else ?


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Re: Oil temp lamp wsk on in Kat A1

Beitrag von Chris1 » So 7. Apr 2019, 18:52

I have had the same problem. I disconnected the buzzer. I just keep an eye on the temperature gauge when I'm in heavy terrain.

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Re: Oil temp lamp wsk on in Kat A1

Beitrag von special-mechanics » So 7. Apr 2019, 21:32




the oiltemp lamp is the "60 H5" in the wiring diagram and was switched on over the temp unit " 59 K11"
the buzzer is the "41 H34"

maybe the control unit have a problem or the sensor "B9 49" is broken

the temp unit ist plug in to the relaisconnector 78/79
disconnect the unit for switch off the buzzer and the lamp

the sensor for the oiltemp DISPLAY (B10 70) is on the same place of the oiltemp lamp sensor
when the oiltemp of the display is ok ...maybe once of the both 59K11 or B949 is broken

the sensor is the number 3 on picture 3
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