What is wrong with my transmission?

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What is wrong with my transmission?

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Looking to narrow down my transmission problem on my 04 v10
I initially believed my problem was a valve body and for the most part I still do. Initially the car would thump when shifting gears under heavy acceleration. Downshifting and upshifting. I thought I had an operating spare valve body. Turns out that it's no good or isn't the same. Was also out of a 04 v10. Since attempting to swap the valve body the transmission is now slipping as well under acceleration when it goes to shift. It's like it's going gear, neutral, gear after throttle is let off. I changed the fluid, filter, gasket and plugs. The full plug was seize on the original pan so I used the one from my parts car.. the pans weren't exactly the same. The pan from my parts car had a neck on the filler plug side, the original did not. Is it possible that there's now too much fluid in it?

Anyone have any input or opinions on if something else my be wrong? There's no codes in VCDS for the transmission itself. The wiring harness looked good. I don't want to throw $1000 at a new valve body if it's something else.

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Re: What is wrong with my transmission?

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same, as with your other post:
I think you are in the wrong forum for your Tuareg based questions. This is a truck forum. rgds, Andy